The Group AGM

With Group AGM Season approaching we wanted to provide some support to GSLs and Chairs on running your AGMs efficiently and correctly in line with Scout Association and charity commission rules.  Groups must run AGMs annually within 6 months of the end of the financial Year (therefore April to September) there are some things you must do at your AGM and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for groups to get it right therefore we’re produced some resources to help.

Group AGM Sample Agenda 

You need an agenda to your AGM, this is a great example that covers all that could be required at your AGM, if the AGM is part of a bigger event (a group camp, presentation evening etc) then don’t forget to add these in if appropriate.

Group AGM Sample Script

There are lots of things you need do during the AGM, they don’t take very long, but they need to be covered – work through this script and you’ll cover all the points.  Remember to be prepared, so work through this in advance

Group AGM Checklists

An AGM is a really important event, if you are planning one then this handy checklist will give you t eh checklists to get it right, it also covers things to do after the AGM.


Things to Remember

  • Everyone must be informed of the AGM, ideally 21 days in advance.
  • At the  AGM you need to nominate and elect key people within the Group Executive.
  • The secretary or another nominated individual must take minutes, they are approved at the next AGM.
  • The Groups Annual Report and annual statement of accounts (income, expenditure and overall balance of the Group) along with other supplementary reports should be presented
  • Section leaders must make decelerations to act as a charity trustee. There are details of this in the checklists
  • A copy of the Annual Report and accounts should be sent to the District Treasurer, if the group is registered with the charity commission they must alsobe submitted in line with their deadlines and processes. the Group Secretary or Chair must make sure records held by the Charity Commission are up to date. This will include charity contact details and names and details of trustees (all members of the Group Executive)


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