Note: From April 2023, Groups must work towards transforming from the Group Executive model to the Group Trustee Board, as per POR rule 5. The information below is current only until such time as a Group makes this move.

Supporting our Groups with an Effective Group Executive

Every Scout Group needs to have a Group Executive Committee to help support the Group, the Group Scout Leader and to ensure that our groups are effectively administered.  Effectively the Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the Scout Group and is accountable to the all the people involved in Scouting in the Group, known as the Group Scout Council, this including the leaders, helpers, parents, administrators, Patrol Leaders, and a few others.

The Committee has several responsibilities. These include:

  • ensuring that the Scout Group has a good place to meet
  • providing equipment for the Scout Group
  • ensuring that the Scout Group is suitably insured
  • raising funds for the Group
  • administrating the Scout Group’s finances
  • assisting in the recruitment of leaders
  • organising social events

Being a member of a Group Executive can be a very rewarding role within Scouting and won’t require a lot of time.  Most Group Executives meet 3 or 4 times a year for a couple of hours.  The Group Executive is a really important role within a Scout Group, and an effective Group Executive can really ensure that a group is successful and support the Group Scout Leader to develop the group.   They are trustees and are responsible for the management and governance of scouting within the scout group.

We’ve pulled together some pages of information to help support Group Executives  and to give you more ideas of the role they play.

The Role of an Executive Committee

Tips for kick-starting an effective Executive

What does the Executive Committee do?

Executive Committee Officers

Section Leaders and Executive Committees

General Data Protection Regulations

Charity Governance

The Group Constitution

Policy, Organisation & Rules of The Scout Association

The AGM 

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