Group Secretary

The duties of the group secretary:

  • To be secretary of the group scout council and the group executive committee
  • To work closely with and support the group chair
  • To provide sound administration in respect of obligations according to POR, including inventories of group equipment
  • To ensure completion of the group annual census return
  • To maintain records and lists of members and associate members as required for the effective administration of the scout group
  • To ensure documents relating to the ownership of property and equipment and all other legal and official documents are kept in a safe and secure place, ensuring there is a full recovery of all files stored electronically
  • To maintain effective communication with the district secretary

The group secretary and the group chair must be able to work in partnership.

The appointment of the group secretary is approved by the group scout council at its annual general meeting.

The roles of secretary may not be held by leaders, managers or supporters from the group as this could lead to any real or potential conflict of interest within the charity or directly related charities.

Group secretaries must be a member or associate member of the movement.

Training requiremenes for the role (within 5 months of appointment):

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