Programme & Activities

Programme & Activities

Programme & Activities


Delivering adventure and activities is at the heart of our Scout Programme. In Northampton District we have two excellent facilities for helping us deliver activities to young people.

Scouts take part in over 200 activities. Everyday adventure is central to Scouting. From abseiling to zorbing and all that is in between here are just some of what we can offer in our District:

Target Activities


A traditional Scouting activity for Young People of all ages, use this page to find out how to become qualified to provide this activity, to access equipment, and improve technique.

Air Rifle Shooting & Pistol Shooting

A key Scouting activities for Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Network available in the heart of Overstone we have our own range which we own and operate
To use the range you will need to have the appropriate national body (NSRA) qualification. Typically we will run training once a year and the cost is around £85 per person for a volunteer within the District. Space on these courses are limited

Bookings for the range are made through the Overstone booking secretary.

Rubber Band Guns

An exciting Beaver Scout and Cub Scout activity, the district has equipment available

Nights Away

Nights away or residential events, whether camping, hostelling, sleepovers or bivouacs, form an integral part of scouting, and are something that every young person should have the opportunity to take part in.

For any leader to take Young People away they must have a Nights Away permit. The nights away permit scheme is an internal assessment scheme designed to ensure that all those leading nights away events for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.

Nights Away Permit Scheme

You can find full details of the nights away permit scheme in the factsheets below. These include factsheets for specific roles such as commissioner and applicant.

  • Nights Away Permit Scheme (FS120800)
  • Nights away application form (Permit)
  • Nights Away Permit Scheme – Applicants’ guide (FS120801)

As a District we have a number of Nights Away Advisors who can help guide you through the scheme and run the assessment.

Night Away Notifications

When you run a nights away experience approval must be gained from your District Commissioner. Each group attending a Nights Away event (even a County or District event) will need to submit this information. For all Nights Away experiences all of the information below should be with your District Commissioner SEVEN days before the event (in normal circumstances).

Mountain and Climbing Activities

Northampton District has a mountain activity centre in the heart of the Berywn Mountains on the edge of Snowdonia national park we can offer packaged activities as part any experiences.

The district also has a climbing wall and a bouldering wall at Overstone Activitiy Centre.

Find out what resources the district has to support rock climbing and the use of mountains, and learn how to get authorised.

POR Rules on Climbing
Overview of Single pitch Climbing

Duke of Edinburgh

For information about the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme please see the mini site by following the link above

Other Land Based Activities

All other activities including Pioneering and Orienteering.

Water Activities


Northampton District owns two bellboats for use with young people, and provides courses to train Bell Boat Helms with authorisations to take young people on the water.


An Ideal location for scouting activities, the following services are available:

  • White water Tubing- 8+ years of age- maximum group size 18
    • weekday £25.00 per adult, £20 under 18
    • Weekend £30.00 per adult, £25 under 18, minimum group size 8
  • flat water Canoeing/Kayaking/raft building – £16.00 per person per 2 hour session. Minimum group size 6
  • All prices include all equipment plus all personal kit
  • For Scout of Guide groups we offer a 10% discount on the above prices

Contact details are:
Nene Whitewater Centre Ltd
Bedford Road
01604 634040

Creative Activities

There are many creative activities undertaken by all ages within the Scout Movement, some of ones with individual focus an involvement within the district are below. There are some resources you can access, and information on how you can participate in them.

Northampton Scout Band

The Northampton Scout Band is a youth marching band in Northampton Scout District, in the UK. The band has membership of the Traditional Youth Marching Band Association (T.Y.M.B.A.). With around 30 members aged between eight and 25yrs, all band members are active members of either Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts or Scout Network, or are Leaders within a Scout Group.


One of the most traditional of all Scouting activities – the Camp Fire. Access resources on running camp fires, getting help, and sharing ideas.

Gang Show and Performance Arts

Northampton Gang Show has been affiliated with a red necker for many years, and has been entertaining Scouting and the general public for nearly 60 yrs. Supplemented with a Performing Arts Explorer Scout Unit, there is ample opportunity for everyone to get involved

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