Virtual Scouting

There are many different platforms you can use to communicate with young people and families online. They’re all slightly different with different features, and most importantly, different levels of security and privacy.

You may already be familiar with some of these platforms, but if you’re not, ask your friends and family what platforms they use, and whether or not they’re finding them easy to use.

Be sure to check the platform’s own websites, as many of them are changing their features and offers to help and support people because of the coronavirus.

Using Zoom for Virtual Scouing

Using Microsoft Teams for Virtual Scouting

Using Online Scout Manager for Virtual Scouting


Another popular video platform you may have heard about. It is not secure and anyone can join a video call. For this reason we DO NOT recommend using this for Scouts.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls