District Plan

We’ve invested a lot of time this year in our short medium and long term development.  We have identified four key areas to focus on these were Resources, Events, Growth and Development.
Our development day allowed us to focus on our primary aims and start thinking through some actions against these,  We are then left with the following which we are working to deliver:

Text in green has been delivered, text in orange is in progress





Our Aims are:

  • Develop tools to share resources
  • Make resources easier to book
  • Invest in Overstone
  • Review locations of key resources
  • Review District use of Wales
Our Aims are:

  • Think about the events we run and why we run
  • Focused on Young People
  • Review successful events
  • Utilise Explorers more
  • Review District St Georges Day celebration
Our Aims are:

  • Location of groups are key
  • Focus on what we have first, how can we strengthen
  • Build resources to help with growth
  • Be bold.  Think out side the box
Our Aims are:

  • Website is our priority
  • Email communications are still hit and miss
  • Meetings must be purposeful
  • Use technology to make life easer (social, OSM)
Our Actions are:

Setup Activities SASU
  • Develop activities offering
  • Develop practical skills
  • Drive Nights Away
  • Drive Adventure
Programme Sharing
  • Use Activities within OSM
  • Create district centric programmes
  • Programmes in a box
  • Develop ‘Easy Camps/tented village
Skills & Permit
  • Skills development (skills weekend & sessions)
  • SMEs to knowledge share
  • Permit review and group self sustainability
  • Permit training
  • Structure & Governance
  • Move to SASU
  • Focus on development & planning
  • Multi year investment in Roy’s Challenge
  • Operational Climbing Wall
  • Resource Centre concept 
Scout Shop
  • Key asset delivers revenue to District.
  • Increase utilisation and identify ways to support
  • Review location
  • Urgently need volunteers
Our Actions are:

St Georges Day
  • Review what, where and how
Sectional Events
  • Deliver sustainable sectional events
  • Need to complement groups/county programme
More Explorer & Network led activities
  • District Challenge (15/6) will be Explorer led
Youth Shaped
  • Identify better ways for Young People to feed into events planning and feedback
  • Million Hands events
Deliver events for leaders
  • Social
  • Skills
  • Celebrate
Our Actions are:

Groups/Units: Where Growth Happens
  • Provide groups with support to grow
  • Focus on what they have and potential
Programme is key to growth
  • Permits & Qualifications to adventure
  • Resources for quality programme
  • Skills training
  • Camp in a box
  • Smaller groups with lower numbers struggle in terms of cost
Retention 14-15
  • Expand S2E
  • Other opportunities
  • Recruiting in a box
  • Handouts, banners etc
  • District led recruitment
  • Build SASU around inclusion to support growth in this area.
Education Links
  • Forge links to Schools
  • Use founders day as opportunity
Our Actions are:

  • New on brand website to be launched start of new academic year
  • Information and feature rich including online availability & booking
  • Increased use of centrally managed email distribution  lists
  • Need to use multi channel comms
  • Standardise our Facebook groups
  • Publicise what is out there
Online Scout Manager
  • District investment in OSM delivering OSM to each  section.
  • Super users available to support groups
Communications Manager
  • Recruit someone to help manage and improve comms

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls